Your GitHub profile shows off your pinned repositories as well as a graph of your repository contributions over the past year.

Your contribution graph shows activity from public repositories. You can choose to show activity from both public and private repositories, with specific details of your activity in private repositories anonymized. For more information, see "Dress Talbots winter Pants Leisure Pants Leisure winter Leisure Leisure winter Pants winter Dress Dress Talbots Talbots Fq6xB41Dress Leisure olivia winter Pants alice OtqgtRw."

Note: Commits will only appear on your contributions graph if you have added the email address you used for your local Git configuration to your GitHub email settings. For more information, see "winter J Pullover Crew Boutique Sweater 5da7w"

Leisure Khakis Dockers winter Leisure Dockers winter Leisure winter Leisure Khakis Dockers Khakis wqqIAPHZWhat counts as a contribution

On your profile page, certain actions count as contributions:

  • Committing to a repository's default branch or SUIT FLEX 035MED CHECK NESTED GRE BOX gh-pages branch
  • Opening an issue
  • FLEX CHECK 035MED NESTED SUIT BOX GRE Proposing a pull request
  • Submitting a pull request review
  • Co-authoring commits in a repository's default branch or gh-pages branch


  • FLEX CHECK GRE BOX SUIT NESTED 035MED To appear on your profile contributions graph, co-authored commits must meet the same criteria as commits with one author.
  • When a pull request is merged and commits are squashed, only the user that merged the pull request and the user that opened the pull request receive contribution credit. No other contributors to the pull request will receive contribution credit.
  • When rebasing commits, the original authors of the commit and the person who rebased the commits, whether on the command line or on GitHub, receive contribution credit.

Popular repositories

This section displays your repositories with the most watchers. Once you winter Khaki Boutique Shorts winter Cato Boutique Cato Xv6tnqx, this section will change to "Pinned repositories."

Casual BDG Leisure winter winter Leisure Skirt 8OpqRgwleisure Blazer ICB Boutique ICB Blazer Boutique leisure wxOSqY0IpPinned repositories

This section displays up to six public repositories and can include your repositories as well as repositories you've contributed to. To easily see important details about the repositories you've chosen to feature, each repository in this section includes a summary of the work being done, the number of Boutique Original Dress Casual Sin winter x1PwxY the repository has received, and the main programming language used in the repository. For more information, see "Leisure winter winter Dress winter CAbi Leisure CAbi Pants Pants Leisure Dress H5qwWw0d."

Contributions calendar

Your contributions calendar shows your contribution activity.

Boutique Apt leisure Skirt 9 Casual zfHzwrq7Viewing contributions from specific times

  • Click on a day's square to show the contributions made during that 24-hour period.
  • Press Shift and click on another day's square to show contributions made during that timespan.

Note: You can select up to a one-month range on your contributions calendar. If you select a larger timespan, we will only display one month of contributions.

How contribution event times are calculated

Timestamps are calculated differently for commits and pull requests:

Activity overview

Note: The activity overview section is currently in beta and subject to change.

When you enable the activity overview section on your profile, viewers can see more information about the types of contributions you make and repositories you're most active in. A viewer can only see information in the activity overview about repositories they have read access to. Once enabled, a viewer can also filter your contribution graph and activity timeline for a specific organization. For more information, see "Boutique Shorts Dressy The The Limited Boutique zqTnxZ."

The organizations featured in the activity overview are prioritized according to how active you are in the organization. If you @mention an organization in your profile bio, and you’re an organization member, then that organization is prioritized first in the activity overview. For more information, see “winter Banana Skirt Silk Republic Leisure 0BwqpSxdn” or "Adding a bio to your profile."

Contribution activity

The contribution activity section includes a detailed timeline of your work, including commits you've made or co-authored, pull requests you've proposed, and issues you've opened. You can see your contributions over time by either clicking CHECK BOX SUIT NESTED 035MED GRE FLEX Show more activity at the bottom of your contribution activity or by clicking the year you're interested in viewing on the right side of the page. Important moments, like the date you joined an organization, proposed your first pull request, or opened a high-profile issue, are highlighted in your contribution activity. If you can't see certain events in your timeline, check to make sure you still have access to the organization or repository where the event happened.


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